La DoubleJ Housewives is launching in August 2017!

Niche Fashionista and vintage obsessive LaDouble J popped up in the city during the past Milan Fashion Week with her pristine and eye-popping vintage print clothes and accessories.  
After buzzing around the Fashion Week, the brand baled attention and moved it to the Milan Design Week by virtue of the cooperation with Italian ceramic expert Bitossi Home for the production of the brand's very first tableware line, La Double J Housewives which continually playing with undoubtedly showy retro designs.
This first batch of six porcelain plate set is claimed to be able to start lively conversations at your dinner table. 
Release Date:
  • 15.08.2017
  • 20cm x 20cm
Product Description: 
Each set features prints from the Mantero Silk Archive, on Lake Como:
  • Ombrellini designed in 1976 by the Corisia Archive
  • Papaveri designed in 1963 by Susanne Kientz
  • Pavone a toile de Jouy design from the 18th century
  • Fenice designed in 1968  by Archivio Sergio Bini
  • Lilium Blu designed in 1994/1996 by Archivio Cugnasca
  • Geometrico designed in 1970 by Archivio Sergio Bini

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